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Budget : 3,4. M €
Duration : 42 months
Participants : 9 partners in 5 Countries
ETRA contact : Dott. Ettore Musacchi, Dr. Valerie Shulman, Dr. Gisele Jung

The objective of the TyGRe Project is to develop technologies for recovering high added-value products from selected waste streams. The project focuses on the treatment of post-consumer tyre through the development of a thermal process mainly devoted to the production of ceramic materials. It defines a recycling scenario that concerns three principal elements : the input of post-consumer tyres, which are treated by an innovative thermal process to produce a high added value output- material which could be used in substitution of Silicon Carbide.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is the leader among various non-oxide ceramics for commercial application: it normally occurs in nature as the mineral moissanite but because of its scarce abundance in nature, SiC is commonly manufactured on a large scale either for use as an abrasive or as a high performance ceramics for semiconductor applications. The material output of the project has the potential to fulfill commercial needs in a range of products and applications.

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