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(Sustainable Molding of Articles from Recycled Tyres)

Budget : 2,5 M €
Duration : 36 months
Participants : 10 Partners, 7 countries
ETRA contact : Dott. Ettore Musacchi

The objective of the SMART Project is to optimise the Compression Molding process to produce articles and products using only recycled tyre granulate and powder without binding agents or other additives. Large rubber products will be produced without the addition of any linking agent or virgin rubber.

The research will allow the project to optimize the granulating process to obtain a powder which may be directly molded. “Direct molding” (i.e., compression molding in absence of virgin rubber) allows the fabrication of large parts such as tiles and supports for road signs. Direct molded rubber parts may also be used to substitute virgin rubber in many applications such as anti-vibrating systems or shock absorbers. The articles produced will have generally good performance compared to virgin rubber, mainly mechanical, resistance to compression, good insulation, good reduction of vibration. The products could be recycled many times. There is also an important cost reduction due to saving of chemical additives or other chemical agents.

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