The PERSUADE Project

Budget : 3,4 M €
Duration : 72 months
Participants : 12 partners in 8 States
ETRA contact : Dr. Valerie Shulman

The objective of the PERSUADE project is to develop and test new road pavements with very high noise-reducing effect. The pavements will be based on an aggregate of recycled tyre rubber material instead of the traditional stone aggre-. They will also be designed with a high proportion of air voids. The air voids will make the pavement porous, which in combination with the elastic rubber granules will make it flexible, both of which contribute to reduce noise from the tyre/road contact.

By using rubber granulate from used vehicle tyres, the environmental aim of the project is two-fold: to reduce noise from road traffic and at the same time to give a considerable amount of used tyres in Europe a second lifecycle. The final mixtures produced in PERSUADE might include also a certain amount of sand or stone aggregate; mainly to increase friction. Poroelastic road surfaces will be considered for use on limited areas where noise exposure is very high, and where it is not possible or desirable to use noise barriers etc.

PERSUADE Project link

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