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LIFE InReGEO at Innovation Forum

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LIFE InReGEO Project was presented at the Innovation Forum on 21-22 May 2024 in Brussels. The event titled “Connecting Innovative EU Projects for Collaborative Advancement” was nicely organized by Green Tech, a worldwide engineering group with a focus on sustainability, dedicated to deep tech innovation.

The scope of InReGEO project is develop of a Pilot Plant able to recycle giant OTR tyres up to 4 meters diameters that have a life span of 6-9 months only and produce in one step high quality rubber materials suitable to be used in the production of new tyres or to retread used OTR tyres, creating opportunities for both mining and tyre sectors.

There are 13.000 mining projects worldwide which will need a solution for the EOL OTRs tyres that they will generate. Every year just in Europe EOL OTR Tyres arising is equal to 350.000 tonnes. Until today they have been simply stockpiled until the point to form a sort of Natural Rubber Mines. The project is able to provide tailor made solutions to the many cases proposed by the mining sector.

The Innovation Forum is a permanent cluster of projects aimed at creating and fostering synergies with other relevant H2020 and HORIZON EUROPE projects encompassing the most relevant topics in Sustainability and Circular Economy, in order to offer the industry proven solution for

  1. Plastic Recycling
  2. Composite Recycling
  3. Aerospace
  4. Energy
  5. Sustainable Living
  6. Green Recovery 4Ukraine

The Innovation Forum also seeks the development of new processes and progress toward circular economy and encourages engagement with stakeholders, looking forward to be the networking reference for industry, Research community, end users and policy makers.

It was a perfect opportunty to introduce the potential of LIFE InReGEO.

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