RE-PLAN Project Meets in Turin

RE-PLAN Project Meets in Turin Image 1

34 persons from 8 countries attended the Turin Project meeting and the two workshops, which took place in Turin, Italy, on September 28th and 29th, 2023.

The first day started with the RE-PLAN official project meeting and the Workshop on Rubberised asphalt which concluded with a fruitful round-table discussion. Participants, including manufacturers and contractors, actively engaged in discussions about current industry challenges and potential solutions.

On the 29th, during the Recycled Tyre in Building Construction workshop, participants had the opportunity to visit the Concrete Structure Labs. There, they could observe materials and equipment up close, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing processes.

Following this, a series of presentations and lively discussions took place on topics such as RTMs in Concrete and Cement based applications. Optimizing tyre rubber-concrete formulations for scaling-up to lightweight paving applications. Manufacturer speakers also shared valuable experience about the use of rubber in concrete, steel fibers, and recycled aggregates in concrete mixtures and on-site applications and even provided product samples!

This meeting was of great interest to both participants and stakeholders. A more detailed analysis on data discussed during the workshop as well as other results will be shared at a later date in preparation of a follow up meeting.

Participants enjoyed working together during two intensive days, nicely hosted by Città Metropolitana di Torino and Politecnico di Torino.

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