Budget ;                                                                       1,6 M. €

Duration :                                                                     36 months

Participants :                                                                4 partners in 3 States

ETRA contact :                                                            Dott. Ettore Musacchi

The project represent a technical viable solution to start sending to material recycling 120,000 – 150,000 t of tyre textile per year in the EU, instead of incineration or landfill.

The objective of the project are:

  • Design and establishment of an industrial scale production line in order to be able to produce 1.500m2/day of insulating panels.
  • Optimisation of the product geometry, that is to develop a range of products build upon the inherent characteristics and properties of the INSUL-ECO panels.
  • Elaboration of a Marketing Plan as well as a Business Plan.
  • Improvement of the environmental performance and better use of natural resources.

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