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On 28 March 2017, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC), organised its second Annual Conference. The full day event featured high-level policy makers and influential recycling industry leaders discussing key regulatory and economic topics for the European recycling sector. It offered unparalleled opportunities to learn about the latest policy developments that are expected to shape the European recycling sector in future.

The programme was very rich and included numerous valuable speakers, many from the Commission. At the end of each session the speakers also participated in lively and dynamic debates with the participants, primarily comprised of EuRIC members and recyclers from a broad array of sectors (metal, plastic, paper, etc.) from all over Europe.

ETRA was represented by Ettore Musacchi, President. He had the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues with many entrepreneurs from different sectors, all deeply concerned about common related issues, such as EPR, how to expand markets for Recycled Materials, how to generate the opportunities of the Circular Economy Package, and many others.

It was also the occasion for a further meeting with EuRIC and to continue the dialogue started over a year ago.

ETRA Board 2017ETRA Elects New Board Members

At its AGM, which took place prior to the 24th Annual European Tyre Recycling Conference, the board of the European Tyre Recycling Association announced the election of two new Vice Presidents.

Äke Paulsson of Ecorub, joined as a Vice President, as did ex-City of Turin surveyor Bruno Marabotto.

The ETRA Board L-R – Dr. Ettore Musacchi, Eng. Andreu Gelpi-Salat, Surveyor Bruno Marabotto, Snr. Andres Macho, Dr. Valerie Shulman, Engineer Costis Keridis, Dr. Gisele Jung, Eng Marcin Ostachowski (representing Wieslaw Wasniowski) and Äke Paulsson

During the 24th ETRA Conference ETRA hosted the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of FEHRL as principal speakers in the Future Roads Panel. It was the occasion to renew an old relationship with FEHRL and to provide the opportunity for future co-operation.

No sooner said than done. ETRA was invited to attend the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting in Brussels on 5-6-7 April 2017. During the three days, we were introduced to many technicians and experts on roads and infrastructure. We spoke about the uses of RTMs in rubberised asphalt, reinforced concrete, rail applications, among other applications. Many of them were already aware of these uses but had no direct experience in using them. They said that they would be very interested to learn more about and to be informed of our next activities on such topics.

It was also a second opportunity to continue the talk with FEHRL about the points of synergy between our two organisations, such as Material Recycling, Research Awareness and Dissemination. The infrastructure sector is a potentially big market for our materials and it is important to expand the possibility to access to it.


Following tells a little more about the event.

"The future transport system: a public-private enterprise embracing infrastructure and vehicles across all modes"

The FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2017 (FIRM17), is held every two years and is now in the fourth edition of its current format. For the second time, it is open to all transport modes with speakers and participants from the logistics sector. This key event was held in English and cost only 190 Euros per person (for a three day conference, exhibition entrance and cocktail).

FIRM17 aims to gather around 100 transport infrastructure innovation and research experts, including European and national policy makers, leading industry and SMEs, standardisation agencies and the media. The main highlights of FIRM17 were:

  1. The presentation of various strategic programmes from FEHRL, the European Commission, CEDR, PIARC, ERTRAC, ECTP and ALICE;
  2. A round table about "Automated connected vehicles, car-sharing and electrification: How to tackle the imminent disruption to mobility their combined deployment will bring?"; 
  3. The final conferences of the two Horizon 2020 projects USE-iT and REFINET, and
  4. A workshop about training and knowledge transfer for transport stakeholders supported by the SKILLFUL project.

FIRM17 also included a session about the ERA-NET Plus INFRAVATIONprogramme and a mini-exhibition.

Obitury-  Anders Lindblom

Long standing friend of ETRA, Anders Lindblom, who was instrumental in establishing tyre recycling in Sweden and who worked for Ragn Sells for over 30 years, recently passed away unexpectedly.  The Board of ETRA wish to pass their condolences to Anders' family and friends.


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