ETRA represents the tyre recycling industry in Europe. The Association is always lobbying in favour of the tyre recycling sector at a European level. In some cases at a national level.

For the most part this lobbying is low profile, face to face campaigning, however, from time to time a big issue arises that needs a more open approach. ETRA has taken the decision to publicise its activity on these pages in such events.

Currently the German government is aiming to introduce legislation that could bring an end to all markets that use "Altreifen" materials in construction where they will be used in "accommodation where they might come into contact with people.

We have outlined the proposed legislation in the link below, plus the response from ETRA, and a copy of the response from Ecopneus.


The Proposed German Regulations (English)

The ETRA Response 10th Oct 2016

ETRA Response January 2017  The report from the ETRA SBR Infill Committee

The Ecopneus Response

Articles published regarding the SBR Crumb Rubber Issue

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