Here you can find news and reviews of events and conferences from the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA).

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Future Events

25th Annual European Tyre recycling Conference - Information due September 2017 


Conference Reports and Presentations   


24th Annual European Tyre Recycling Conference Report - To Follow

24th Conference Presentations    

23rd Annual European Tyre Recycling Conference - Review

23rd Conference Presentations

22nd ETRA Conference 2015

22nd Conference Presentations

ESTO Conference Presentation


Flex in the City Reports and Presentations 

2017 Flex and the City Naples

2016 Flex and the City - Venice

2015 Flex and the City Turin

2015 ETRA - Flex and the City Presentations


Anagennisis Industry Seminar - 6th July '15

Anagennisis Seminar Athens 30th Nov 2015


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