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The start of June was a busy period for ETRA as Dr. Shulman attended Future Tire Conference at Reifen Essen, and ETRA was also present at three events - in Brussels - Green Week - the European Association Summit - and the European Business Summit - fuller information is available in the News Pages






ETRA - The European Tyre Recycling Association


Welcome to the home of the leading organisation respresenting the tyre and rubber recycling industry in Europe.  ETRA is the only pan-European body that represents the independent tyre recycling sector in Europe. ETRA represents the industry in Brussels and is a key co-ordinator in a number of research projects, assisting in joining partners, applying for funding and working to bring new solutions to old problems, bringing research and industry together to target high value solutions. ETRA is involved in developing a wider awareness of tyre rec
Matchmaking Eventycling and the uses to which tyre derived materials can be put to. Driving the recycling process up the hierarchy towards higher value projects.
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 ETRA organises a number of events each year with the aim of developing awareness of the potential of tyre derived materials as new raw materials as an alternative to using valuable natural resources, or as the base raw material for new ways of producing high value products such as Silicon Carbide, for example.A key area of interest is in the use of recycled rubber materials in civil engineering and this is highlighted at the "flex in the city" seminars.


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