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ETRA Attends Vision 2017

On the 6th and 7th June, ETRA visited Vision 2017, the architectural and construction industry exhibition looking into the future of the built environment.

There was considerable evident of the use of RTM in new products, particularly insulation materials. Drs Shulman and Musacchi reported a great deal of interest in the activities of ETRA. For a fuller report see the News article Vision 2017.


Anagennisis Project Concludes

The long running Anagennisis project looking at the use of tyre derived materials in concrete concluded with its final meeting at Sheffield University on the 2nd June. Anagennisis Final Meeting

ETRA Meets with Impulse

On 2nd June ETRA held a meeting with NCP Brussels Impulse-Brussels to discuss research and development potential for the tyre recycling sector.
The meeting discussed project ideas that might be suitable for future proposals. Impulse Meeting

EU Empahasis on Green Future

The 2017 Green Week event held in Brussels at the end of May highlighted the benefits of the "green" sector across industries in Europe and the importance of environmentally sound projects and management to the future of the continent and the Circular Economy. The full news report can be found in the Green Week 2017 news article
ETRA was also invited to participate in the Call for Proposals meeting, as part of Green Week:  Life 2017 Call For Proposals.

Events/ Conference  Menu Updated

Some minor changes to the website have been effected as of 18th May 2017.  Hopefully they will make accessing infirmation about confernces and seminars simpler by directing all enquiries through the Events menu.

The Events menu will lead to an index that lists achived conference material and notices for forthcoming events that ETRA will be organising/ participating in.


 Flex-and-the-city Naples 2017

The annual Flex-in-the-city seminar for 2017 took place in Naples, Italy, on the 11th May.
For a review information visit the Event article for Flex and the City Naples

24th Annual Conference

The 24th Annual European Tyre Recycling Conference successfully concluded on the 24th March.
The conference was well attended by 100 delegates who took part in discussions about the SBR Crumb Rubber issue; with the latest update from the ECHA, pyrolysis, new materials and new markets amongst many other topics
It was agreed by many to be a great success, and for the record, ran almost to time this year. Reports will follow.


ETRA at EU Circular Economy Conference


With a view toward taking stock of the implementation of the Action Plan, looking at the next steps and discussing the goals and practicalities of a European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, the EESC and the European Commission co-organised a conference which took place on 9-10 March 2017 in Brussels. ETRA took part in this event and will be part of the ongoing discussions.


ETRA Responds to Crumb Rubber Question in Full

The ETRA Committee on SBR Crumb Rubber Infill has published its response to the charges placed against crumb rubber use in artificial sports fields.
The document can be found under Lobbying, or simply click HERE

ETRA Responds to German Proposals

The ETRA response to the German proposals to ban TDM from construction is now available in the Lobbying Menu, or directly here.



 ETRA - The European Tyre Recycling Association


Welcome to the home of the leading organisation respresenting the tyre and rubber recycling industry in Europe.  ETRA is the only pan-European body that represents the independent tyre recycling sector in Europe. ETRA represents the industry in Brussels and is a key co-ordinator in a number of research Projects, assisting in joining partners, applying for funding and working to bring new solutions to old problems, bringing research and industry together to target high value solutions. ETRA is involved in developing a wider awareness of tyre recycling and the uses to which tyre derived materials can be put to. Driving the recycling process up the hierarchy towards higher value projects. Read more About Us.     

 ETRA organises a number of events each year with the aim of developing awareness of the potential of tyre derived materials as new raw materials as an alternative to using valuable natural resources, or as the base raw material for new ways of producing high value products such as Silicon Carbide, for example.A key area of interest is in the use of recycled rubber materials in civil engineering and this is highlighted at the "Flex in the City" seminars.















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